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The Integrative Law Center is the Law Office of J. Kim Wright

J. Kim Wright

Attorney and Counselor at Law

J. Kim Wright was admitted to the North Carolina Bar in 1994 and opened her first law practice in Alamance County in 1995.  At that time, her practice was one of the most innovative offices in the country, with a multi-disciplinary staff including a social worker/coach and mediator.  She was one of the first collaborative law practitioners in the country.

Life’s circumstances took Kim and her family away from Alamance County and she became a leader and central figure in what is now called The Integrative Law Movement.  For some twenty years, she led a life on the cutting-edge of innovation in the law before returning to Burlington in 2023. 

For more about Kim, see which includes links to her many projects, books, and accomplishments. 

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